Mad To The Bone

A weemad Art Director from the land of fire and ice...

WeeMad is Björgvin

Indeed my name is Björgvin and I’m an Art Director but I’m also a Digital Designer, Graphic Designer and even an Illustrator.

Some might even call me a Visual Artist, but regardless of what title you like to use I strive to push the boundaries of design.

What I love

I love creating unique, clean, usable design for print, the web and other digital sources and I have a good understanding of marketing and analytics and its importance in the world of advertising.

What I do

Digital Design, Graphic Design, Advertising, Illustration, Branding, Creativity

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Get a strong visual identity

Graphic design and the development of visual identities are one my strongest talents . It is a craft that I live and breathe for.
Design expresses values and attitudes, increases awareness and sales, ensures recognition and brand position, and speaks to the recipient’s brain and heart.

So contact me if I can help you with your brand and lets take it to the next level.

Weemad Design is playful, flexible and versatile. We make your brand ready for the ever complex corporate landscape of tomorrow

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Weemad Design

Unique, clean, usable design for print, the web and other digital source.s